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The Havenly Angel Page is the memorial home for the fur baby who has left pawprints on your heart.
Your best friend and loyal companion's memory will live on as you share your story of his unconditional love and acceptance with others.
Your life was, and will continue to be, brighter because of the qualities we recognize in ourselves.
At Havenly Angel Memorial you are never alone with your grief and sorrow.
Our angels are a gift from Heaven, but we do not get to keep them nearly long enough.
Thank you for visiting our Havenly Angel Kingdom.
Name: Abby
Name: Amanda
Name: Andy
Name: Annabelle
Name: Ariel
Name: Austin
Name: Baby
Name: Barkley
Name: Barty
Name: Bella
Name: Berkeley
Name: Bijou
Name: Blitzen
Name: Bobo
Name: Bogie
Name: Bubbles
Name: Bubbles
Name: Buster B.
Name: Callie
Name: Casey
Name: Cash
Name: Cassie
Name: Charlie
Name: Charlie Girl
Name: Chewie
Name: Chloe
Name: Chloe-TX
Name: Cody
Name: Comet
Name: Cookie
Name: Cooper
Name: Corky
Name: Cowboy
Name: Daisy
Name: Dallas
Name: Despereaux
Name: Dori
Name: Eddie
Name: Eli
Name: Ellie
Name: Elvis
Name: Forrest
Name: Fritz
Name: Gabby
Name: George
Name: George
Name: Gizmo
Name: Gizmo II
Name: Gracie
Name: Gracie (formerly Fancy)
Name: Graham Cracker
Name: Griffin
Name: Gus
Name: Harley
Name: Harley Littlefield
Name: Heidi
Name: Helen
Name: Henry
Name: Holly
Name: Isabella
Name: Izzy
Name: Jack London
Name: Jax
Name: Jelly Bean
Name: Jewels
Name: Kat's Miss Clare aka Missy
Name: Katie
Name: Kiki
Name: Kimber
Name: Lacie
Name: Laddie
Name: Lexi
Name: Lexi
Name: Libby
Name: Libby
Name: Lily
Name: Lizzie
Name: Logan
Name: Louie
Name: Mason
Name: Matty
Name: Max
Name: Maxwell
Name: MayMay
Name: Mia
Name: Mickey
Name: Millie
Name: Milo
Name: Mindy
Name: Miranda
Name: Missy
Name: Missy
Name: Mitch
Name: Mitzi
Name: Mocha
Name: Mr. Jiggles
Name: Mr. Louie
Name: Mr. Tido Savage
Name: Nessa
Name: Noelle
Name: Olly
Name: Oscar
Name: Ozzy
Name: Penny
Name: Penny
Name: Pete
Name: Pippi
Name: PJ
Name: Rambo
Name: Rambo
Name: Reggie
Name: Remington McDuff
Name: Rocky
Name: Roriee
Name: Roxie
Name: Ruby
Name: Sammy
Name: Sandy
Name: Sassy
Name: Scarlett
Name: Shelby
Name: Snickers-NC
Name: Sophie Kate
Name: Spanky
Name: Sunny Bunny
Name: Sunny D
Name: Teddy Bear
Name: Teddy Bear
Name: Tessie
Name: Theodora
Name: Tinkerbell
Name: Tinkerbell
Name: Tiny
Name: Tiny Tim
Name: Toby
Name: Tommy
Name: Toots
Name: Truman
Name: Tug
Name: Willie
Name: Winston
Name: Winston