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Name: Cooper
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Weight: 10
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $200

For more information on Cooper, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Cooper
Cooper is a Yorkie/Maltese mix

1/7/22 - To quote Marilyn Monroe, I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.

Now that that’s out of the way, my name is Cooper. I came to Yorkie Haven because I can be a bit temperamental at times and my family of 9 years had a baby and they were afraid we would not get along. I can see their point. I don’t like hands coming at me too quickly and will let you know it. However, I don’t have many teeth left, so I can’t cause much harm. Also, foster mom says I have a “tell”. If you are in my space when I am not in the mood, I get this “I don’t trust – pause” about me that lets you know to just be on your way.

I absolutely love sleeping in the bed with my humans and love giving kisses. I get attached to women quicker than men, but I do love all people. I will follow you around non-stop. Even to the bathroom for whatever it is you are doing. I even raise up on the tub when foster mom is bathing and have to have kisses then. I would do best in a home with another dog or two that doesn’t really need my attention, or, the ideal is I’m the only dog getting all the attention. I know that sounds selfish, but my bio does start off letting you know I’m selfish. Lol

I love going for walks and rides. Great in a car and on a harness and leash and walking is a great outlet for me. I might be 9 years old, but I am very spry and healthy. I would definitely do better in a home without children because I don’t like the loud noises and chaos. Guess that’s where my age steps in. Foster mom says I am a quick learner. I learned to sit for treats in 1 day of practicing.

So, anyone out there looking for a sweet guy that is a tad quirky? I’m your baby. Let’s bring in this new 2022 together!

12/21/21 - BIO COMING SOON!
Cooper's Donors:
Mary E. Folds

Name: Drew
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Weight: 5
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $150

For more information on Drew, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Drew

1/15/21 - Drew had his teeth cleaned, lost a few in the process, and had that ugly bladder stone removed. He is feeling GREAT now. He is such a trooper and never really let on that his mouth hurt or tinkling hurt, but he has more confidence in his walk now and when he is giving kisses.

11/9/21 - Please adopt me! Can you hear me now? Please adopt me! Can you hear me now? Please adopt me! Can you hear me now? Good. Hi. My name is Drew. I kind of relate myself to the newest technology in cell phones. Such as rollover minutes. I offer rollover love and attention. You are allowed up to 1000 anytime minutes and unlimited nights and weekends of love and attention from me. If you do not use all of these up, they can be rolled over to the next month. I also offer Bluetooth technology. For those of you who don’t know, bluetooth technology is one that would support communication between two devices which rely on information from each other to communicate electronically. I can communicate with up to two others at one time. My adoption fee also allows for free roaming for those times when you just want to be alone. I will let you just roam through the house and I will stay close by, but not smother you. Then there is ringtones, I mean bark tones, I have stored up to 5 of those.

I’m an active little fellow with a major zest for life. Even though I am 9 years old, I truly want/need another dog to play with as I just love other dogs my size. My tail is always wagging and I am always happy. I eat Royal Canin Urinary S/O because I have a bladder stone. Had it when I came into rescue, so the dogtor started me on this diet to see if it would shrink. Well, it hasn’t, so now I am scheduled for surgery on 11/11/21. I like my food I eat which is a good thing since I will continue to be on it after my surgery to try to prevent any new stones forming. I will feel so relieved once this rock is out of me. Ohh, I’m going to get my teeth cleaned too. Now that I’m really looking forward too. Too many people keep telling me that my breath stinks.

I’m 100% happy, easy going, sweet, loving and spunky little guy that is looking for a home with a mom and/or dad, a fenced in back yard to run and play in and a fur sibling to play with. I don’t sleep in the human bed right now, but foster mom is hoping that is because it is crowded with all the other dogs and I will want to once I get in my new home. I don’t play with toys yet, but we are hopeful about that too once my mouth feels better.

So that about sums me up. Are you ready for a new plan…, I mean man, in your life?

10/11/21 - BIO COMING SOON!
Drew's Donors:
Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke Ed Guise Kerstin Lemke
Mary E. Folds

Name: Ellie
Gender: Female
Age: 4 yrs. 9 mo.
Weight: 12
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $350

For more information on Ellie, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Ellie

1/14/2022 - BIO COMING SOON!
Ellie's Donors:
Angela Ardoin

Name: Louie
Gender: Male
Age: 12.5
Weight: 6.9
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $100

For more information on Louie, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Louie
10/7/21 - Louie’s foster mom brought him to the vet recently because she noticed that he was having labored breathing and hacking frequently. X-rays were taken and it seems that Louie does have a collapsing trachea and they also found a huge mass on his heart/lung area.

Louie currently takes Metacam for his arthritis/spondylosis. The plan now is to take him off the Metacam so they can start him on prednisone in addition to Hydrocodone for his coughing and Terbutaline for the collapsed trachea.

3/12/21 - 

I have been with my foster mom for almost 2 years now.  I know that I have some medical issues and am up in age, but I just want everyone out there to know that I am a catch, if you cannot tell from my photos.

Here’s a little recap on me:

-                 I am 14 years young (I don’t look or act my age).  I have approximately 7 teeth left, but still eat hard food with a little dollop of soft food mixed with warm water.

-                 I’m on thyroid medication because of a low thyroid – Thyroxine ½ pill twice daily (which I take in a pill pocket like a champ).

    I have arthritis and spondylitis in my left front leg and take Metacam that this once daily – this helps me tremendously, but there are times where I will still hold up my front left leg if you hold me too long or I’ve used it too much.

-                 I have a condition called Paraphimosis – this is where my private part doesn’t always retract back into the sheath.  So basically my lipstick sometimes is out of the tube a little.  This is a real condition and foster mom just checks me a couple times a day and if my lipstick is poking out, it’s easy just to put a tiny bit of Vaseline on your fingers and pull the sheath back over to where I’m hidden again.  I know that sounds bad, and I’m so embarrassed, but it is what it is, and helping me with this will be a necessity if you want me to join you.

I can still hear pretty well, but I have selective hearing.

Now, if all of the above did not scare you off and you are still reading, I am a great companion that isn’t too clingy, but still likes attention.  I good about doing my business outside if brought out enough.  Remember, I have a small bladder and am 14 years old.  I will also use pee pads inside, but I still might have a mistake here and there.  I sleep in the bed with you and am a great bed partner.  I don’t take up too much space and do not care if you snore.  I would like a fenced in yard as I do like to sunbathe when the weather is nice and like a little privacy when doing my business.  I get along with other dogs fine, but really do not engage in play.  So it’s ok if you have other pups or a cat, just as long as they don’t expect me to play with them.  Now here is the one thing that I think is a big deal, I am a man’s dog.  Yep, I would absolutely love to have a daddy over a mommy.  A mom is fine and if you are the perfect home, I can make do.  But I’m just saying, I light up more when there is a man around.  Yep, I would absolutely love to have a daddy over a mommy.  A mom is fine and if you are the perfect home, I can make do.  But I’m just saying, I light up more when there is a man around.  So all you guys out there who think it’s macho to own and love a little dog, give me a shout.

3/22/20 - The dosage of Louie's Thyroxine (1/2 pill twice daily) is good and this will be his regimen from here on out. He is still waiting on that forever home that realizes that with age comes issues and that is OK.

1/27/20 - Sweet little Louie went to the doctor recently for bloodwork and his thyroid was low. The vet started him on Thyroxine (1/2 pill twice daily) and we will recheck in 1 month to make sure this dosage is accurate.

6/18/19 - So here's the deal. Dad started to have to travel a lot for work which meant I was left alone of had to be boarded. Dad knew this wasn't what he or I wanted, so we sat down and discussed it and I agreed it would be best if I joined another family that was around more. Now, here I am in a foster home with Yorkie Haven Rescue. I used to be an only dog and know I'm in a home with more furry friends. Even though we don't actually play together, I sleep in the bed with them and get along with them all fine. Even though my eyesight is getting a tad cloudy, my hearing might be a decibel off and my joints are definitely not what they used to be, I can see, hear and get around fine. I have arthritis in my left front leg and will hold it up at times, but I'm taking some Glucosamine for it and I can run like the wind in the back yard.

I am a hearty eater, good for a bath, have very soft hair and a teddy bear face. I would love nothing more than a home where mom, dad and I can sit around watching some shows, go out in the backyard and play a little while, back in for a snack, take an afternoon ride in the car, come home for some loving and cuddle time, eat some supper, watch a movie and then lights out.

I will make the perfect addition to your family and all I ask in return is your unconditional love.... well, food, your bed, baths, toys and treats would sweeten the deal.
Louie's Donors:
Gino Bazile
Ed Guise Linda Katzenstein Ed Guise
Ed Guise Kerstin Lemke Ed Guise

Name: Major Tom
Gender: Male
Age: 11 months
Weight: 12
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $600

For more information on Major Tom, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Major Tom
Major Tom is a Yorkie/Schnauzer Mix

11/22/21 - Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! The name is Major Tom, but you can call me Major. Or, you can call me Tommy Boy. Or you can call me Baby. Just call me in a sweet voice, because I love that.
I was surrendered by my previous owner because I was too much to handle. My last home did not have enough energy outlets for me and I really need exercise and also needed more socialization. Not getting this resulted in me playing too rough snapping and biting at my mom. She did what was best and surrendered me to YHR. I explained to my foster mom that I didn’t mean it and she said that it’s just puppy antics that needed to be redirected.

I do have a very submissive and fearful personality. I’m afraid when meeting new people and will sometimes submissive tinkle. Other times I will try to overcompensate for my fear by barking and growling. Foster mom tells everyone to just sit down and let me get to know them and come to them on my terms. She told me that she understands my issues and we are going to slowly work on them. She’s cool. I’m timid around other dogs too. I’m just learning to play with them a little because there is a Shih-tzu in my foster home that is trying to show me the ropes. So having another dog in the home would be a plus so I can pickup ques from them and it helps me trust humans too. I just don’t need to be around any that are too rough because it scares me.

Once I trust you, I’m definitely my human’s dog and I will follow you everywhere and can even get protective of you. I f foster mom and I are in the bed and foster dad walks in, I will bark and growl at him until he comes over and talks sweet to me and pets me. Foster mom said that I cannot go to a home with children of any age or one that is too chaotic because I get overly stimulated easily. Exercise, i.e., walking, playing fetch or chase with my humans, etc. will help with this and help me to gain confidence.

I know I’m not doing the best at making myself sound like a gem to be adopted, but I am actually a great boy. I come when called, sleep right next to my human all night perfectly, and loves to give and receive love and affection. I’m learning to play with toys and it is the bomb! I’m pretty good in the potty department as long as you let me out enough and stay out with me If you think you will sneak off and go inside, forget it. I will run back in too and do my business inside. So, it’s up to you if you want to stay out with me, or clean up. Lol

I’m not a springy fellow. I’m actually just starting to walk up the steps/benches to the bed. But I still like to be picked up and put in the bed. I will come down the steps though. Foster mom says it is just adorable to see me raise up on the side of the bed and scratch to be picked up. I guess since I’m bigger, she just assumes I’d be able to jump up and down the steps with ease.

While I’m continuing to get love and attention here and learning discipline and how to trust, if you think I have the potential to be a part of your home, please apply. Remember, I will need a quiet home with parents that will exercise me regularly, no children, and another non-rowdy dog to learn from and play with.

Don’t let my shortcomings scare you off, I’m quite handsome and a great catch. Or so says foster mom and she wouldn’t lie to me. I'll be spending Thanksgiving with my foster family, but maybe by Christmas, I can have a family of my own. Major Tom signing off!

11/15/21 - We will post a bio as soon as we learn Major's personality, but have already learned that he IS NOT good with children of any age.
Major Tom's Donors:
Ed Guise

Name: Milo
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Weight: 6.4
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $100

For more information on Milo, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Milo
10/25/21 - Poor Milo started labored breathing early Sunday morning and was rushed to the ER. After x-rays and ultrasound, a mediastinal mass was seen. He also has a mild collapsing trachea which is, unfortunately, common in yorkies. He received oxygen and medicine and finally was able to be released to the comfort of his foster home. Milo will now take Prednisone, along with the Trilostane for his Cushings and Optimmune for his dry eyes. He will be kept comfortable and loved and spoiled for however long he gives us. He is just the sweetest, most loveable baby ever and simply adores to be held and loved on.

9/8/21 - So we brought Milo to the vet recently and after testing, it appears that he has Cushings. Since he is so small, the medicine needed to be compounded. He will take Trilostane liquid; 5 mg in the a.m. and 3 mg in the p.m. Other than that, he continues to receive Optimmune ointment for his dry eyes; 1 strip in each eye twice daily.

Milo is still the sweetest little man ever and still absolutely loves to be held.

7/26/20 - Hey everyone.  It’s Milo the Magnificent!  Yep, that’s how I feel now.  No longer in a field having to fend for myself, no longer in a home where they don’t want me, no longer just Milo… MILO THE MAGNIFICENT!!  I know this sounds as if I know some magic tricks, and I actually do.  You see, I’m blind, but everywhere I go, I adjust very quickly and seem to learn my way around without fail.  I do lightly bump into things, but I’m not timid or scared of my shortcoming which makes me all the more magnificent.  I haven’t been blind all my life, but I will be 13 years old in December, so there were bound to be some body parts that started to give up.  I’m just glad it wasn’t my bladder. Haha.  Yes, a magician AND a comic.  Two dogs for the price of one. 

 So, my upkeep, since I have KCS, which is actually a fancy term for dry-eye, I get Optimmune ointment, 1 strip in each eye twice daily.  I also get artificial eye drops in my eyes a couple times a day

I’m fine with the other fur-beings in the house as long as they don’t get too much up in my business.  Being blind does keep you on higher alert.  I don’t like to sleep in the human bed since I’m afraid I might fall.  I’m very content in a very comfy doggy bed with a blanket.  Foster mom feeds us twice daily.  This is when I do my best magic.  She puts my bowl with soft food down and I empty the bowl.  Not all dogs are this good, I know.

 I get along with all people and will LOVE anyone who holds me.  I absolutely LOVE to be held like a baby over your shoulder.  I could stay there all day.  I am pretty free with my kisses too.  I don’t play with toys, but you never know later on.
Even though I cannot see, I’m pretty good with my potty habits if you do your job and take me out often.  Once I get comfortable, I will even get out of my bed and bark and when foster mom brings me out, I tinkle. 
I like to walk around outside, but not sure if a fenced in yard is totally necessary if you are sure you stay out with me the whole time.  Then again, who would put a dog out and let it stay out alone to use the bathroom with all the hawks and wild animals around.  That’s not the type owner I want next.  Not sure that apartment or condo life would be for me since I do have a bark and am not afraid to use it.

 That’s all I have to say about myself for now.  If you would like to help me take this magician act on the road, just fill out an application and my new employees will see if you can cut the mustard.

Signing off for now.  POOF!

7/2/20 - Milo had his dental yesterday. He lost 7 teeth that were just aching to come out. His tummy was a little upset last night and he wasn't feeling all that great, but today is a new day. And, it is the first day of the rest of his great life. Rotten teeth and bacteria free now, and still eating like a champ. Milo eats soft food and cleans his plate. For his eyes, he gets Optimmune ointment, 1 strip in each eye twice daily to help with the KCS/dry eyes. He also gets Neopolydex, 1 drop in each eye twice daily for inflammation and the infection in his eyes. We will be following up with the ophthalmologist later to get the long-term regime for this sweeties little eyes.

Being blind is not something that holds Milo back. Some dogs just adjust well, and he is one of them. We think Milo was an agility dog in his previous life. How else could you explain the way he just flies over all the hurdles that have been put in his path? Well, that and he must have angels riding on his back.

June 25, 2020 - Milo is 13 years old, blind and was found lost in a field near Arlington, TX and turned into Mansfield Shelter. Milo had a chip and his owners were contacted. They informed the shelter that he had gone missing a few months back and they could not find him. The owner had since gotten a new job and was working long hours and said that getting Milo back would not be in Milo’s best interest, so agreed to surrender him to Yorkie Haven Rescue since the shelter had already reached out us. He was pulled from the shelter Monday, June 22nd and transported to a layover home in Shreveport. We brought him to the vet since his eyes were very infected. He has very mature cataracts and had bilateral conjunctivitis with mucoid discharge. He also has KCS (dry eye) so will be on medicated ointment from now on. Saturday, June 27th, Milo will complete his transport to his foster home in Baton Rouge. Once he is comfortable, we will get him to the vet to get blood work done, along with a much needed dental and we are sure he will lose infected teeth. Even with his rough journey lately, being blind and changing multiple hands, and not know what was going on and who to trust, Milo has been a champ through it all. He does love to be attended to and talked to.

The bad pictures are of Milo when he was first brought to the shelter after being on his own. The cuter one is, of course, after the shelter trimmed and bathed him. Once we get him in his permanent foster home, he will get to visit the professional groomer and photographer and we will show you just what a handsome boy Milo can be. Basically, all dogs ask for in life is food, grooming, vetting and love. We don’t feel this is too much to ask for from a companion that never asked to be brought into this world but was purchased as a young pup to give a human. Then, WHAM, when they need us the most, …….. the humans cannot give that in return. That is where rescue comes in. Seems we can pick forever homes MUCH BETTER than the majority of breeders who sell them in the beginning. Harsh, I think not! Proven!

Milo will be letting you know more about his personality, needs and wants as we get to know him better. Stay tuned!
Milo's Donors:
Kerie Lowe-Reddemann
Rick DeCosta Phuong Nthi Donna Hoblack
Jan Robbins Mark Robinson Karrie Johnston
Nancy Leicht Lorna Yisel Marrero Pomales Gabrielle Shumpert
Jane Bringol Linda Baldree Terri Simmons Evans
Elizabeth Constance Maroun Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke Ed Guise

Name: Mitzi
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Weight: 6.6
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $100

For more information on Mitzi, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Mitzi
2/11/21 - Republican, Democrat, Independent. Doesn’t matter to me. As long as I get a family that will love me forever through thick and thin and never desert me. My name is Mitzi which in German and Latin means “star of the sea”. This could not be further from the truth since I AM NOT a fan of water. Grooming and bathing is not pleasant for me or the person bathing me.

I was surrendered to the shelter by my owner because she had some medical issues. As you can imagine, I was terrified at the shelter. Thank goodness Yorkie Haven was called and came and scooped me up. They could not believe my age when they first met me because I’ve got some spunk to me. I’m a fast walker and busy - when I’m not napping.

I co-exist fine with the other pups in my foster home, but do not play with other dogs or toys. Foster mom keeps trying to get me to sleep in the bed with her and the others, but I’m content in one of the dog beds.

I was brought to the vet when I first arrived and they said that my teeth needed to be cleaned. Turns out they lied. I had 19 teeth left and they all needed to come out. So, now I eat soft food with a little warm water and a few hard pieces of kibble for kicks and giggles. Apparently at my previous home I was given table scraps, because I am quite the beggar. They also found out that I have dry eye, so I am now on optimmune drops twice daily in both eyes. NOT a fan of that. Anything activity around my face makes me fussy, but I guess I have to get used to it unless I want my eyes to get worse.

I love all people but will hunker when someone goes to pick me up. This could be because my sight and hearing are a little compromised. I run outside with the rest of the crew to do my potty business, but foster mom has caught me using the pee pads she has down. This made her very happy. Some people are so easy to please. I’m an explorer. When we are outside, I love going around and sniffing and checking out everything. Foster mom thinks if I could find a way out, I would take advantage of it. I have that terrier instinct.

I would love to say that I am a snuggle bunny, but I’m not a huge fan of being held for long periods and don’t give doggy kisses. Loud noises, i.e., vacuum cleaner, etc. scare me a little. Don’t know about any fireworks or bad weather yet, but will update you when it happens.

So that about sums me up for now. Back to you - I don’t care what party you are or who you voted for, dog ownership just requires humanity and love. So if you aren’t scared of a senior showing you up in the energy department at times, take a chance on me.

Mitzi's Donors:
Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke Lisa Lee Kerstin Lemke
Ed Guise Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke
Vance Steele Ed Guise Kerstin Lemke

Name: Pacino
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Weight: 13
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $100

For more information on Pacino, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Pacino
9/24/20 - It's been a long time since Pacino has updated you and that's because he has been so busy loving life.  Although he is getting older, not much has changed in his energy department and as you can see by his new pics, he doesn't look any older.  His foster mom says he still acts as if he is 6.  He did just start some new medicine though.  It's called Proin.  Seems Pacino is having trouble tinkling when he is sleeping.  The vet is trying this to see if will help.  Foster mom is noticing that his eyesight and hearing are lacking a little, but that happens to everyone with age.

He also takes Phenobarbital for seizures and, thankfully, hasn't had any seizures since he's been on the medicine.  He takes 1 15 mg pill twice daily.

He doesn't really play with any of the other dogs in his foster home.  He does love car rides and going for walks.  He loves breakfast and supper time and is a very fast eater

Other than that, Pacino is a happy, healthy boy and if you ask him, he has many years left.  Want to give an older guy a happy home?  Pacino loves everyone and even though he loves foster mom, he wouldn't mind changing addresses if it would give him a last name.

7/15/19 - Pacino is a sweetheart of a guy. He definitely doesn\'t act, look or feel his age. The guy seems more like 7 years old. He is a bigger, longer bodied boy, but still small enough to pick up and love. He loves giving kisses and is very in tune with his people. Since his bladder stone surgery, he eats a prescription diet. If there are other pups in the home, Pacino would have to be put up to eat since he is food aggressive with other dogs. We aren\'t sure where this stemmed from, but it is an easy fix, just put in a room to eat or a crate. If there aren\'t any other dogs in the home, which Pacino would absolutely love, there is no need to put him up while eating. He is fine with the other dogs all other times, so could co-exist or be the only big baby. We have just noticed a growth on Pacino\'s leg by his front left shoulder, and will be getting it checked out and removed soon, along with a tiny sty on the inside of his bottom eyelid. Pacino would be a great addition to a laid back home with or without dogs where he can be loved and give love.\r\n\r\n\r\n6/21/19 - Pacino has been in his foster home for a while now and wants to give everyone an update. You would not be able to guess his age if you met him because he acts so young at heart and has energy to burn. His legs are like springs and he can bounce very high. He needs a big secure yard to run and play in and owners that can watch him when the front door is open since he is very curious and tempted to run. The perfect home for Pacino would be where he could be the only pup or with one other calm dog since he loves getting a lot of attention. He does have Napoleon tendencies at feeding time, so he eats separately and isn’t let out until everyone is finished so as not to have any fights.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nPlease give Pacino a chance at a home where he is the main man and he will not disappoint you.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n\r\n3/20/19 - Now since I am feeling better, foster mom said that it is time for me to tell the world about myself. Well, my name is Pacino, as in Al Pacino. My previous mom could not keep me any longer due to life changes, so my new foster mom stepped in to give me a place to call my own until she could find me my real home. Shortly after coming to live with her, she realized I had bladder stones and needed immediate surgery. That was done and now I feel so much better. I will have to stay on a prescription diet food (Royal Canin Urinary SO hard food) from now on so they won�t return, but it�s fine because I like my new food. \r\n\r\nI eat twice daily and need to eat alone. I tend to be a bit of a terminator if another dog comes around while I am trying to enjoy by kibble. So, it�s much easier if I just eat alone and stay up until all the other furbabies are finished eating.\r\n\r\nI�m ok around children as long as they are older and don�t get too chaotic or want to pull on my ears or tail. And I do like to give the humans, old or young, kisses.\r\n\r\nI would love to sleep in bed with my humans and I promise I will not take up too much of the bed or covers.\r\n\r\nI get very attached to my humans and love getting and giving attention. I can also be a great coach potato if you want to snuggle and cuddle for some movies. I also like playing with toys. My potty training is coming along, and I will use pee pads, but foster mom still catches me marking at times. So, I�m not perfect.\r\n\r\nI will bark when I�m excite or when the other dogs bark, it isn�t crazy obsessive. I�m a little timid around the vacuum cleaner but getting more used to it. I have very strong legs and can jump on the furniture to be with you.\r\n\r\nI do have terrier in me, so I will have to be put up or picked up if someone is at the door because I will take that opportunity to run off. The unknown just looks so exciting.\r\n\r\nI wouldn�t mind another doggy to play with, but they shouldn�t be too rough because I can get offended easily. I might be 10 years old, but I don�t know it and I have energy to play. That doesn�t mean that I can turn right around and nap or cuddle with my humans.\r\n\r\nI just an all-around great boy that is in the prime of my life. I�m up for a walk, a nap or basically whatever you want. First, you have to apply to adopt me and then we can discuss adventures.\r\n\r\n2/24/19 - Thanks to all of you, Pacino had his bladder stone surgery Friday and is doing well. We are so happy for this little man. His foster mom picked him up yesterday and its as if he never had surgery. It\'s amazing what these babies can endure. He will have a recheck in about a week to have a urinalysis and see if all is well, then schedule his dental and he will get a microchip at that time. Pacino said to tell everyone thank you and we will be posting a bio soon to tell about his personality.\r\n\r\n\r\n2/14/19 - Pacino needs immediate surgery for bladder stones! \r\n Please consider donating to Pacino so we can get him comfortable. He was surrendered by his owner because she did not have time for him. He is in a foster home now and ready to have surgery and start feeling better. PLEASE HELP US HELP PACINO!!!
Pacino's Donors:
Karis McCutchen
Kathye Pecchioni Vicki Dykes LuLaRoe Tawnya Housel
Donna Moore Gabrielle Shumpert Rachelle Heiner
Julia Stripling April Delaney April Delaney
Alejandra Mileo Catherine Brueggen Jane Bringol
Sheryl Moulden Sharon Potts Judith Rodden
Tamara Roberts Kalin Vosloh

Name: Twix
Gender: Male
Age: 11 yrs. 10 mo
Weight: 4.9
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $100

For more information on Twix, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Twix
1/26/22 - The name Twix might give someone the impression that I am edible. Well…. when I lick my paws, I sure don’t taste any caramel or chocolate, but I am a cutie.

My original owner passed away and I was bounced around a good bit until I ended up on the street, picked up and turned into a shelter. The shelter reached out to YHR and one of their awesome foster moms quickly took me in.

I’m settling in quite nicely and foster mom is learning that I like to be spoiled. It would be truly ideal if I were an only dog. Currently my foster home has other dogs and we sometimes have issues. I like for them to mind their own business and not look at me, walk by me, or breathe in my direction. And, them wanting attention from my mom is really unacceptable. I’m very jealous. If they come too close to me, I will snap at them. I’m serious about the “leave me alone thing”. I know with my looks and personality, I should not be jealous, BUT I AM!

I love sleeping in bed with my humans, but if I get too hot, I will retreat to the other side of the bed to lay alone. I’m currently eating 3 meals a day because I was really skinny when I first got here.

Foster mom learned quickly that I do not like being confined. For my safety, she put me in a play pen area. Well, let me tell you, I wasn’t having any part of that. I would howl, cry and bark for long periods and jump and climb to escape. So now when foster mom leaves, I have free roam and just go upstairs and get in the bed to sleep. I’m pretty springy for my size and age. I can jump on the sofa and use the bench/stairs to get up and down on the bed.

I am a complete lap dog and love all people that want to love me and give me attention. I have no interest in toys or playing. That is for those youngsters. I’m pretty good at doing my business outside when brought, but will have mistakes if not brought out enough. I adore affection, so be ready for kisses. If you do not care for a dog kissing you, then I probably am not the one for you since it would truly hurt my feelings not to be able give my human(s) smooches. I’m not a huge barker, but do have a voice when I hear certain noises, or just want your attention. I’m pretty confident for my size. Foster mom says I’m fearless and not even afraid of larger dogs.

Now that you know a little about me, am I the candy bar that you are craving?

1/14/22 - BIO COMING SOON!
Twix's Donors:
Kerstin Lemke

North Carolina

Name: Bubbles
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Weight: 8
Location: NC
Adoption Fee: $200

For more information on Bubbles, contact foster parent at: yorkiemommync@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Bubbles
7/16/2021 - Bubbles has been doing great with no issues since her relapse in 2019. She remains on her prescription food, prednisone, and chlorambucil. She is still her feisty self and remains under the care of her specialist a couple times a year.

8/5/2020 - Bubbles is doing really well right now.  Her prognosis after her relapse was very guarded because usually pups do not fair well when a relapse occurs.  She is pretty much back to her normal self, bossy and going at the others if they do something she does not approve of.  Bubbles will always need to be under the care of a specialist.  She is currently on prednisone every other day and a chemo drug every other day, which will likely be for the protocol for the rest of her time.  She sees the specialist when she is not feeling well and then every couple months for bloodwork and to make sure everything is still ok.  The chemo drug can cause other health issues, hence the reason for continued care with her specialist.

10/24/19 - Bubbles is having some GI issues again. She has been throwing up for a week or two and none of the anti-nausea meds have been helping. She had an ultrasound today and her pancreas looked inflamed and portions of her intestines looked inflamed as well. Her bloodwork was also indicative of GI issues. Her belly also filled with fluid yesterday and has not gone down. The liquid is clear and likely her body storing water. We are starting her on a round of steroids and antibiotics and will wait for the review of the ultrasound by a radiologist And some additional bloodwork and urine check. She may need an endoscopy or biopsy to get a better idea of what is going on, but we need to wait for the inflammation to go down and her to feel better before doing so.

4/15/19 – Bubbles is still the same little girl! She has been doing great on her prescription food and has not had any issues. She does still have moments where she loses her self confidence and will bite, we say she is like Jekyll and Hyde. She will also go after the other dogs if she does not want them around or is protecting a bone or toy or spot on the couch. She can also be very loving and happy and wanting all the attention she can get. She just has her moments sometimes.

7/5/16 � Bubbles is still feisty as ever. She loves to play with her foster brothers, she just isn�t so sure about humans sometimes. She can be so happy and friendly with people and want attention and then all of the sudden becomes insecure and scared and snaps. Being on her prescription food and Pepcid has taken care of all her tummy issues and she seems a bit happier now too. She is prone to bite more when she is not feeling well, which is understandable since people get cranky when they do not feel good too. She needs a home that can understand her fears and handle them and it would be great if there was another dog about her size and age to play with too.

5/4/15 - Bubbles recently had some medical issues and spent a good bit of time at the vet, but after several tests it was found that she has irritable bowel disorder. She is on Prednisone, Pepcid, Anti-Nausea medicine and a prescription diet. Thankfully this has solved her throwing up and diarrhea and she is back to her happy loving self. Although she can be happy and loving and very playful, she does have the other side of her where she has bitten. When she loses her self confidence and becomes unsure of the situation she has bitten and has drawn blood. Her foster parents have learned to read her behaviors to know when this may happen and have worked around it. She does better one on one with people instead of having multiple people giving her attention. She does love belly rubs, playing with people and other pups, and exploring the back yard. She absolutely loves her prescription diet and tells you when you are not getting it done fast enough for her. Bubbles would do best in a home with young pups, no children, and people who understand her personality quarks and can let her grow and learn in a safe environment and do not mind the occasional snap when she becomes unsure of the situation or unsure of herself.

5/22/2014 - Bubbles loves chilling in a nice comfy bed or on the couch, running around the yard with the other pups yelling at the neighbor dogs, and on occasion plays with other pups in her foster home. She is an excellent eater and likes to chew on bones. She is a very loving and happy little girl. At times she gets a bit of an attitude and wants to only do what she wants to do and does not hesitate to let you know.

12/24/2013 - My story is the story of �The Princess to The Pauper�

In my previous life, I was the only furchild of a single, elderly lady who loved me unconditionally. We did everything together�went to the post office, watched tv, ate dinner and slept in the bed! When my Mom passed away, I was given to her daughter and grandson to live. This is where things got a little tricky.

I had become so accustomed to my simple-spoiled life that I had a hard time adjusting. I just didn�t like all the commotion associated with young people coming and going in and out of the house. I was afraid and wanted my simple, quiet, spoiled rotten life back�as one can understand.
After two months, I was given up on, thrown out and taken to the local animal shelter. So as you can see, I went from �The Princess to The Pauper�.
Things got much worse for me at the shelter because I was put into a single 4x6 room with concrete floors and cylinder block walls. I was terrified, so terrified in fact that I growled at the animal control officers and would try to bite them. They labeled me �Devil Dog�.

Thank goodness Yorkie Haven Rescue learned of my terrible situation and came to rescue me. I was given to my Foster Mommy in a crate and driven straight to my Foster home. Foster Mommy took me outside and let me out of my crate. I jumped straight in her lap, tail wagging, and placed a big ole wet kiss right on her nose!

Foster Mommy says I am a good girl, very loyal and protective. She also calls me an alpha female, whatever that means! I went to the dogtor the next day and had a perfectly clean bill of health. The next day we were off to the groomer to get a nice bath and haircut. Whew! I feel like a new woman!!!
In my Foster home there are two other female yorkies and a 2 year old human child, all three of which I am NOT A FAN! I would prefer to be the only baby in the house...that means no other doggies or children to take away from my attention.

If you are looking for a lifelong, loyal, lapdog- I am the girl for you!

Sending you tail wags and kisses!
Bubbles's Donors:
Judith Dennison
Debbi Hooks Dean Nancy Leicht Rhonda Jackson
Cynthia Hayes Bobby & Maria Davidson Steve Anzalone
Scott Quinn Dawn Berg Vicki Dykes
Kanita Larkins Henri Chen Dalanie Edgington
Katie Rosebraugh Cyndi Houseman Nancy Leicht
Pam Buckner Kanita Larkins Theresa McCauley
Patricia & Nuri Gonzalez=Powell Lucy Hall Terri Duffy Puma
Brenda Van Valen Richard Decosta Sherri Stenberg
Janis Kuykendall Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke


Name: Cash
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Weight: 18
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $200

For more information on Cash, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Cash
12/3/2021 - Cash is just as described in his original post other than the fact he does have some changes in his medical condition.
Cash has PLN (protein losing nephropathy) and is taking Enalapril. He is doing well with his albumin pretty steady. He also has a history of some GI issues. We suspect he could have PLE as well but that is not presently diagnosed. He is on prescription food: Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal low fat diet. He also is on Proin for nighttime incontinence.
Yes, he does have a lot of issues, but he is a charming pup who does not appear ill at all. He just needs his meds to be well.

8/26/2920 - Cash's recent blood work was normal!! He is doing very well. To read more about him, scroll down to the post of 2/10.

7/28/2020 - Cash is on one more round of antibiotics due to elevated white count. Urine culture was negative. If this round of antibiotics does not clear this he will be referred to specialist.

6/23/2020 - UPDATE: Cash was discharged from the hospital yesterday evening and is doing well, eating and taking his medications. His liver enzymes dropped and one is actually in normal limits. They are thinking all of this was due to an infection. He will be following up with our vet. At this time they don't think liver biopsies are needed!

6/20/2020 - Cash had an ultrasound today that revealed multiple liver nodules and gall bladder inflammation. His lab studies continue to be abnormal. He was admitted to the Emergency Dept at the specialty hospital and will remain there until Monday when they will transfer him to Internal Med Service.

He has not eaten well this past week and is generally just not feeling well.

His bill at this point is $3736 and that is not including the past week at the general vet; so his costs are rising.
ANY donation is greatly appreciated to help us help Cash.

6/15/2020 - Cash began feeling ill this weekend. His foster mom took him to the Emergency Clinic today and he was found to have anemia, infection of unknown origin and elevated liver enzymes. Also elevated bile acids. He is being referred to Internal Med Specialist for ultrasound of his liver. We will update as we know more.

2/10/2019 - Hi, my name is Cash and I'm from Texas. Yep, a Texas sized Yorkie with a Texas sized bark. Still a lover though. You kind of have to hear my bark to believe it is coming out of this little body. I think someone mixed a little raspy doberman in my vocal cords. So, don't expect any cute Tinkerbell tunes to be coming out of this body. Speaking of my body, since I'm getting a little up in age, I was having some trouble at night when I was sleeping with wetting myself. It was so embarrassing and all the other dogs would just get up and move away from me. I talked to foster mom about it and she and the vet started me on something called Proin and now I wake as dry as the Sahara Desert. Whew! No more getting made fun of.

12/16/2018 - Cash is a "diamond in the ruff". When he was originally picked up, he was covered in fleas and his hair was terribly matted. He was shaved down and had pretty rough looking skin. His skin has improved and he is looking to much better. Just wait until his hair grows back in! :)

12/16/18 - Cash had his surgery to remove the bladder stones on 11.27.18 and has recovered well from that surgery. He is now on a prescription diet to hopefully prevent further stone formation. We are still waiting on the report on the type of bladder stones. He had a bladder infection that was cleared with antibiotics. He is having some issues with occasional nighttime incontinence so we are working to figure out the cause of that. He wears a belly band and does not seem bothered by it at all.

Cash is a very pleasant pup who gets along well with his foster siblings. He loves to snuggle in bed at night.

11/26/2018 - 11:00 AM - Cash was given away online to a lady who ended up taking him to a vet only to find out that she could not afford him due to all of his presenting medical needs. She reached out to us since he needed immediate surgery. He also has flea dermatitis and dry eye. She told us he was covered with fleas when she got him. She treated him for the fleas and did get some meds for him and also medicated shampoo for his horribly irritated skin.
He is presently at our vet being prepped for surgery. As we know more about Cash we will update his bio.

Cash's Donors:
Linh Dao
Linda Baldree Vicki Dykes Dakota Henderson
Brenda Van Valen Katie Rosebraugh Karen Kim
Sherry Orr Judi Adams Sharon Davis
Jackie Pittenger Bobby & Maria Davidson Nancy Leicht
Wendy Hicks Scott Quinn Andrea E. Brown
Anita Ruthenberg Rhonda Jackson Linda Baldree
Sharon Davis Judith Graham Burgess Lisa Bridgewater
Melissa Meyers Brenda Van Valen Karis McCutchen Beard
Karen Feese Fratesi Lee Kosina Patty Day-Backman
Robert Maiellaro Lorna Yisel Marrero Pomales Judith McClure
Cyndi Houseman Rick DeCosta Ed Guise

Name: Harley
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Weight: 6.9
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $200

For more information on Harley, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Harley
August 8, 2021 - Harley has been on Lomotil and showing some improvement in the coughing.

July 1, 2021 - Harley is feeling better and does not require further hospitalization for pancreatitis. We will be re evaluating his meds for collapsed trachea as this week was stressful for him.

Due to Harley stressing easily and causing increased coughing from the collapsed trachea, we have decided to look for a home that is close to his foster home. He is being fostered in Kemah, TX. We want to be able to make it a slower adoption with Harley getting to know a new family before making a move.

June 29, 2021 - It is not a good month for Harley. He had an appointment scheduled for tomorrow for med review for the collapsed trachea; but woke up ill this morning. He was diagnosed with pancreatitis and admitted for IV fluids. Hopefully he will be feeling better in a couple of days.
Please keep our little buddy in your prayers.

June 11, 2021 - Harley was seen at the vet today and diagnosed with a collapsed trachea. He had started coughing recently when barking and/or playing. He has been started on medications for 2 weeks and then will be re-evaluated.

6/27/2020 - We have found that Harley needs a Cytopoint injection every 4 - 6 weeks for allergies/itching. He also needs to be bathed weekly.

3/30/2020 - We have found that Harley has recurrent skin
issues/allergies. Cytopoint has helped the itch, but his hair gets super oily only a few days after a bath. We are trying different shampoos to see what may work.

1/27/2020 - Well, this is one we in rescue have heard so many times. Girl gets yorkie and he is her baby, girl gets married years later and has human baby, and the four legged baby must go. :(

Unfortunately for Harley, the date they chose to let him go was Thanksgiving. We have promised Harley that his next Thanksgiving will be full of love, belly rubs, kisses and treats with a family that will never give him up.

Harley is a sweet boy and sleeps on a pillow next to his foster mom's head. He gets along well with the easy going pups in the house, cuddling with a couple of them from time to time. He tends to be a bit nervous around a lot of activity, so we are looking for a quiet household.

He is very good about going outside to go to the bathroom and comes right back inside. He goes to the door and looks at his foster mom to let him out. Keep in mind that sometimes they do have accidents and things can vary from home to home so don't expect perfection in the housebreaking department!

Harley does have some skin issues due to allergies. This was reported to us when he was surrendered. He recently had some issues and responded well to Cytopoint.

His teeth were a mess when he came to us and a dental was done where he ended up losing 22 teeth. He recovered quickly and eats very well! He is on canned food with some water mixed in.

Harley's blood work looked very good. He does not seem to have any issues other than allergies ... oh, and he does have luxating patellas which is common in yorkies. Best to keep him from jumping up and down on things. Harley walks up steps to his foster mom's furniture!

This is a charming little guy with a whole lot of love to share with someone. <3

1/3/2020 - Harley is a 10 year old owner surrender.
Harley's Donors:
Nancy Leicht
Scott Quinn Terry Romero Corkhill Julie Richard
Lorie Rothman Terri Duffy Puma Jose Gonzalez
Rob Hall LucyHall Heather Frank
Katie Rosebraugh Pam Bunn Louis DiBernardo
Karin M Holt Ed Guise Karen, Jaxxon Kit & Minnie Pearl Walker
Vickie Moore Vickie Moore Richard DeCosta
Vicki Dykes Lisa Cowan Diane Fanelle

I have serious medical issues, Please Donate!
Name: Sushi
Gender: Female
Age: 1 yr 3 mo
Weight: 3.6
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $600

For more information on Sushi, contact foster parent at: yorkietude@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Sushi
1/6/2022 - Sushi is a happy pup and loves to play with her foster siblings.
She is coming along in the housebreaking department, but does have some accidents.
She loves to cuddle at night with her human.
She was the neurologist in November and her meds are the same. Sushi's medical/neurological conditions are not "curable" but are "treatable". She should be fine as long as her meds are continued. She does have occasional yelping episodes which may be related to fluid on her brain, or the fact she is a bit of a drama queen. Difficult to determine but thankfully they are short lived.
She remains on:
Keppra every 8 hours
Gabapentin every 8 hours
Omeprazole every 12 hours.
She will need a follow up MRI in September 2022 and anyone interested in adopting Sushi should be able to provide neurology follow up, tests and meds as needed.

11/16/2021 - Sushi is doing pretty well. She has some occasional yelping due to what we assume is pain from fluid build up. She has not had further seizures. She will be seeing the neurologist this week for a follow up.
She is on the following meds daily:
Keppra every 8 hours
Gapapentin every 8 hours
Omeprazole every 12 hours

9/20/2021 - Sushi had the brain MRI today. It revealed that she has caudal occipital malformation (COMS) and associated congenital issues. These structural changes may lead to seizures and other neurological deficits. We are starting Sushi on an oral antacid which has been shown to decrease cerebrospinal fluid production and may alleviate clinical signs. She also will continue her anti epileptic medication. Additionally, she will be on Gabapentin as needed for pain. Results of the spinal tap are pending.
Thank you to everyone for your kind words and for your donations that made it possible for us to find out what was going on with Sushi so that we can help her.

9/20/2021 - Due to increasing seizures Sushi has been seen by the neurologist and is having a MRI and other tests done this today. Will update as we know more.

Sept 1, 2021 - UPDATE: Sushi most likely does not have a liver shunt based on the CT scan; but, we are to repeat bile acids in 4 - 6 months. She likely has microvascular dysplasia.

She has had some breakthrough seizures, so a neurological consult is scheduled for October 6th since it is unlikely the liver issue is what is causing these seizures.

THANK YOU to everyone who has donated and prayed for Sushi. We could not do what we do for these pups without all of you. <3

August 30, 2021 - Sushi is having a CT Scan & Angiography today to rule out a liver shunt.

8/23/21 - Sushi came to us with a history of seizures which are presently controlled with medications.

Her bile acids are elevated and her xray revealed a small sized liver. She was referred by our vet to Internal Med Specialists and was seen there today. They sent a Protein C sample out today. Further treatment will be determined after the test results are back.

Her vet bills as of today are $990.

Donations for Sushi are appreciated.
Sushi's Donors:
Sharon Davis
Jacquie Perez Nancy Leicht Judith Graham-Burgess
Kerstin Lemke Jennifer Aaron Morken Nancy Leicht
Sandy Burton Jessica Eubanks Lizbeth Morris
Carla Carlson-Wallace Sheryl Moulden Diana Levin
Linda Baldree Brenda Horan Katie Rosebraugh
Marilyn Randall Sherrie Orr Connie Goetz
Sheryl Moulden Tori Tyler Richard DeCosta
Linda DuBois Sue Love Robin Malatino
Rachelle Heiner Maryann Sorey Anne Rolecki
Jackie Pittenger Paige Mitchell Kim Buchanan
Mary Swearingen Mary Swearingen Tracy Cunningham
Kristan Lee Hart Angela Julian Elaine Diver
James Kopf, Jr. Conny McClary Cynthia Lynch
Kerstin Lemke Erwin Enriquez Maxwell Enriquez
Kerstin Lemke Ed Guise Kerstin Lemke
Ed Guise